Chemo Hair Re-Growth RX  A Vitamin Enriched
Hair Follicle Stimulator
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Get Your Hair Back Quick & Strong!    
Please note that the following is NOT a proof or a claim for Chemo Hair RX's ability to grow hair or prevent hair loss.  Individual results may vary.
"Losing my hair was the worst nightmare.  I tried all kinds of wigs and hats, and finally I thank my chemo nurse who told me about your hair growth formula.  I got my hair back in 8 weeks."
- Breast Cancer Survivor
"The first two cycles of chemo were not that bad, until I lost my hair and then it hit me.  I was so depressed without my hair, I quit going to my work.  Now my hair is back, thanks to your formula.  I am back to work again."
- Breast Cancer Survivor
"The day I lost my hair I cried with Amy, my chemo nurse.  Thanks to Amy, she gave me your lotion and a lot of loving support.  My hair has started to come back.  I hope I don't have to go through this again."
- Breast Cancer Survivor
"With chemo I had no problems.  I had no nausea or vomiting and my blood count remained good.  The only problem I had was hair loss.  My support group told me about your Chemo Hair RX lotion.  I used it and thankfully my hair is back."
- Lymphoma Survivor
"My bosom buddy from the American Cancer Society told me how she got her hair back using your lotion.  Thanks, it worked for me too."
- Breast Cancer Survivor
"My most difficult thing to deal with about chemo was the loss of my hair.  Everybody was so supportive.  I spent hundreds of dollars on wigs and chemo hats but my best investment was in your lotion.  It was so comforting and reassuring.  I love you dad, my hair is back."
- Breast Cancer Survivor
"I wasn't too sure if your stuff was going to work.  My husband, however, bought it over the Internet and we used it.  Now I have more fuller and stronger hair than before.  Thanks."
- Breast Cancer Survivor
"I just wanted to say thank you to Dr.  Akbar - your hair lotion is wonderful!"
- Breast Cancer Survivor
"Your hair product is excellent, I got my hair back after a second relapse and chemo for lung cancer."
- Lung Cancer Survivor
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