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Chemo Hair RX Product
pon completion of chemotherapy, hair usually comes back on its own.  However, depending upon the type, dosage and schedule of the chemotherapy, the hair may return:
  1. Anywhere from 4 to 6 months after the completion of the chemo.
  2. The type of hair that comes back after chemo may be different from what it was originally before the chemo.
Normal Hair Hair may be different after chemotherapy:
Post-chemo, the hair may become brittle, curly, lighter or darker in color, or it may become de-pigmented.
on an electron microscope:
Hair before chemo Hair after chemo
Hair Loss with Chemotherapy:
hemotherapy causes damage to the DNA and RNA of the hair follicle cells, causing arrest of the mitotic replication, cellular metabolism and enzymatic functions, thus decreasing the hair production and resulting in hair loss.

Chemotherapy has no effect on the DHT levels, or on the blood supply to the hair follicle.  The effect of chemo on the DNA, RNA, cellular metabolism and microtubular functions of the hair follicle fundamentally "freezes" the growth functions of the hair follicles - causing loss of hair.

How Chemo Hair RX Works:
The active ingredients of Chemo Hair RX are specific vitamins, minerals, and other naturally occurring ingredients from grape seed called procyanindin oligomers.  A combination of these helps to synthesize follicular DNA & RNA, reactivate cellular metabolism and stimulate enzymes, co-enzymes and the microtubular functions of the "frozen" hair follicle cells, thereby improving metabolism and cell turnover.  This not only causes EARLY expeditious regeneration of hair, but by repairing the damaged DNA, it brings back the natural thick, strong and fuller hair.

Chemo Hair Re-Growth RX is a high-performance treatment for promotion of early re-growth of lost hair from chemotherapy.  It uses potent vitamins and nutrients to help expeditiously re-generate the damaged hair follicles.  This formula is specially designed for cancer patients.

Chemo Hair RX uses transdermal follicular delivery system to effectively deliver active ingredients to the damaged hair follicles.

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