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Answered by the Oncologist
Q. Will my hair come back after completing Chemotherapy?

A.  YES.  Hair will come back on its own.  However, because of damage to the DNA, RNA, and change in the enzymatic metabolism of the hair follicle, the hair that will come back may be brittle, curly, lighter or darker and microscopically may be smaller in diameter or may be de-pigmented.

Q.  Why is it necessary to use Chemo Hair RX after Chemotherapy?
A.  Chemo Hair RX is a Potent Topical Vitamin and Mineral formula that is essential for the repair and synthesis of the DNA and RNA damaged by Chemotherapy.  These vitamins are precursors of several cytoplasm enzymes and co-enzymes of the follicular cells.  Folic acid circumvents the actions of dihydrofoalate reductase enzyme and helps in synthesis of thymidylate from deoxyuridulate which are essential for DNA synthesis.  Zinc sulfate strengthens the  disulfide bonds - essential in strengthening the hair.  Ascorbic palmitate acts as a reducing agent vital in cellular respiration.  As DNA fully repairs and cytoplasmic metabolism turns to NORMAL, this yields NATURALLY STRONGER and FULLER hair.

Since Chemo Hair RX puts the "frozen" hair follicle into a mitotic growth spin, this will make the hair come back EARLY and EXPEDITIOUSLY (within 6 to 8 weeks of application).

Q. What are other benefits of Chemo Hair RX in cancer patients?
A. These essential vitamins and minerals will get absorbed through the skin into the systemic circulation and will help in re-generating the suppressed bone marrow from chemotherapy.  These vitamins will help build up the red cells, white cells, platelets and overall boost the immune system.
Q. Why do you not recommend using Gamma Linolenic Acide (GLA) or Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA)?
A.  GLA and ALA are known to have an effect on dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes male pattern baldness.  Loss of hair from chemotherapy has nothing to do with DHT.

Moreover, GLA may increase the effect of anti-cancer chemotherapy treatments such as doxorubicin (adriamycin), cisplatin, carboplatin, idarubicin, mitoxantrone, Tamoxifen, vincristine and vinblastine.

Q. Would you recommend thymus gland extracts in cancer patients?
A.  I do not know the answer.  However, as an oncologist, I would be reluctant in using any glandular extract that may have a tumor promoting effect or may potentiate proliferation of cancer growth.
Q.  Will Chemo Hair RX help hair growth in alopecia acretta?
A.  No.  Alopecia acretta (male pattern baldness) is related to DHT and NOT to cellular damage from chemotherapy.
Q.  How do I use Chemo Hair RX?
A.  It is best to massage the bare scalp with Chemo Hair RX twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes, and let it dry naturally.
Q.  Can I use Chemo Hair RX during cycles of chemotherapy?
A.  Yes.  There is no harm and no side effects from using Chemo Hair RX during the repetitive cycles of chemotherapy.  As the ingredients are basically vitamins and minerals, they would not interfere with any chemotherapy.  However, it will not prevent the hair from falling off with the treatments.  Nevertheless, with certain kinds of chemotherapy regimens, it may delay the hair from falling.
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